Management seminars

Our six Management research clusters organise engaging seminars, panel discussions and meet the editor events. They also come together to host events as part of our Management Seminar Series.

Abstracts and biographies for upcoming seminars can be found on our Research Events page.

Please note our seminars are currently taking place online via Zoom.


Semester 1

Marketing panel discussion
8 October 2021, 2pm 
Dr Jennifer Barhorst, College of Charleston 
Dr Laurence Dessart, HEC Liege
Mr Andrew Murchie, Deep Vision Studios 

HRM & OB research seminar
21 October 2021, 10am
Dr Roberta Fida, Norwich Business School 

Strategy & Technology Management research seminar
28 October 2021, 9am
Dr Kwanyoung Kim, Green Technology Center Korea

Management Seminar Series
13 December 2021, 1pm
Professor Tomoki Sekiguchi, Kyoto University

IBE research seminar
14 December 2021, 3pm 
Professor Stephan Manning, University of Sussex

Semester 2

HRM & OB research seminar 
27 January 2022, 10am 
Dr Maribel Blasco, Copenhagen Business School

Management Seminar Series
22 February 2022, 3pm
Professor Geraint Harvey, Western University

Management Seminar Series
15 March 2022, 10am
Anne McCarthy, Anne McCarthy Associates