Athena SWAN in IHW

Our awards

Athena SWAN Gold

Photo of Professor Anna Cooper holding Athena SWAN Gold awardIn March 2018, the Institute of Health and Wellbeing gained a prestigious Athena SWAN Gold Departmental Award (on appeal), in recognition of our commitment to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in higher education.

Professor Jill Pell, Director of IHW, said:

Professor Sally-Ann Cooper [right] and her team have done a fantastic job in leading the Institute of Health and Wellbeing to its success in achieving Athena SWAN Gold. As a result of their efforts, equality and diversity are embedded in all aspects of our work ensuring the institute is a great place to work for all its staff and students.

Institute of Health and Wellbeing Athena Swan Gold Award application (Apr 2017)

Athena SWAN Silver

Asha Costigan and Audrey Dickie receiving Athena SWAN SilverIn 2015, we gained Athena SWAN Silver and this was renewed in 2017. ‌‌‌‌

Professor Sally-Ann Cooper, former Athena SWAN SAT Chair and Deputy Director of the Institute of Health and Wellbeing, said:

We ‌are delighted to have achieved a Silver Athena SWAN award recognising the work of all staff in ensuring that gender equality is embedded within the Institute, with equality of opportunity a reality rather than just an ambition.

Athena SWAN Bronze

SA Cooper collecting AS BronzeInstitute of Health and Wellbeing's commitment to equal opportunities was recognised in 2014 by the awarding of Athena SWAN Bronze, collected by Professor Sally-Ann Cooper. ‌