Athena SWAN in SHW

Our working groups

Our Athena Swan SAT (self assessment team) working groups are open to all staff (research, teaching, professional services) and students.

2 staff chatting in meeting room

New staff and students are encouraged to become a member of a working group when they take up post, and information about this is provided as part of induction. Contributions to Athena Swan are recognised in individual's workload model and during annual reviews.

10 groups focus in detail on areas where we wish to make continual improvements. These are:

  1. Early career researcher (ECR) issues, aspirations and development
  2. Career progression
  3. LGBTQ+ staff and student issues, aspirations and development
  4. Maternity, paternity, parental and carer issues and development
  5. Mentoring arrangements
  6. Postgraduate research and Doctor of Clinical Psychology student issues, aspirations and development
  7. Professional services staff issues, aspirations and development
  8. Staff consultation
  9. Undergraduate and postgraduate taught student issues, aspirations and development
  10. Wellbeing of older workers and students (WOWS)

If you are a staff member or student and wish to join any of our Athena Swan working groups, please email