• 01 Aug

    GNHS PhotoScene Competition 2017

    The aims of the competition are to promote an interest in natural history and the work of the Institute, to promote a greater linkage between GNHS and the Institute, to provide photographs useful for publicity, and to enhance the evening programme of the GNHS
  • 20 Jul

    Leeuwenhoek Medal

    Congratulations to Prof Sarah Cleaveland for winning the prestigious Leeuwenhoek Medal.
  • 13 Jul

    Science Paper

    In a new review published in Science, One Health researchers from Glasgow highlight the role of locally relevant capacity strengthening for disease surveillance in developing countries.
  • 04 Jul

    Malaysian Students

    David Eckersall's Lab recently played host to two Malaysian students - Fitri and Diyana - from Universiti Putra Malaysia. Read about their experience in this short blog article...
  • 30 Jan

    Keith Vickerman Memorial

    A memorial service will take place on 21st March, 2017 to commemorate the life of Prof. Keith Vickerman, the previous Regius Chair of Zoology.
  • 03 May

    Telomere Workshop (Oct 16)

    Workshop is part of the Leverhulme International Network on understanding diversity in telomere dynamics.
  • 13 Nov

    One-day meeting—Vector Biology & Disease (26th November)

    One 26th November there will be a one day meeting of the Vector Biology & Disease Group with talks from the principle researchers and a poster session to share activity between members of the group and with other interested parties.
  • 26 Oct

    Workshop - PALS

    Next week (2nd November 2016), a workshop on comparative aspects of telomere biology will be hosted by members of the Physiology and Life Histories group.