Research Fellows

Image of a man in a checked shirt writing in a notebook at a desk with a laptopResearch fellows are a vitally important part of the Institute and make up a significant proportion of our staff.  Our Fellows are funded from wide range of sources – in recent years we have sponsored successful applications to BBSRC, NERC, MRC, Wellcome Trust, European Commission, AXA, Royal Society, NIH and others. The University of Glasgow also has dedicated funding schemes for underwriting external fellowships, which can allow fellows to significantly expand the scope of the work proposed.

Fellowship Success

Candidates applying for Fellowships to work with us tend to have a high success rate, and many go on to secure subsequent funding to extend their work. Once we have agreed to sponsor an applicant, we aim to provide support throughout the fellowship application process by drawing on the large amount of relevant experience within the Institute. For this purpose the Institute has set up a Fellowship Committee to act as first point-of-contact for prospective Fellows, and provide support both for Fellowship development and to Fellows who are already working with us.

External Collaboration

While many of our Fellows are employed through the University of Glasgow, we also work with Fellows based at collaborating institutes in common strategic priority areas; with a view to developing future research partnerships .  In particular, we have a strong track record of providing mentorship and support to Fellows from low and middle income countries through external schemes (e.g. Wellcome Trust Fellowships in Tropical Medicine and International Health).  Researchers who are eligible for these schemes can also contact the Fellowship Committee for advice on potential mentors in the Institute. 

If you are interested in joining us on an externally funded fellowship you should contact us by either writing directly to any of our investigators who you may wish to act as a sponsor or by writing to a member of the fellowship committee (listed alphabetically): 

 The type of support and advice provided by our Fellowship Committee includes:

  • advice on which Fellowships and funding schemes might be appropriate
  • assistance with identification of suitable mentors and sponsors
  • support for fellowship development and interview preparation
  • mentorship and career development advice for Fellows

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