Your local primary care vet practice supported by the small animal hospital’s world-class facilities providing complete and affordable veterinary care for your pets, whilst playing a vital role in educating and training the next generation of vets.

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With our Pet Practice Health Plan you’ll get unlimited access to our vets and nurses in the practice. This means you won’t have to pay any consultation fees to see our vets and nurses whenever your pet needs us no matter their stage in life!

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Services & Pricelist

Our practice is well equipped to offer your pets an excellent standard of veterinary care. Here are some examples of the services we offer:


Pet Practice ServiceCost of Service
Puppy Vaccination course (Total 2 x injections)  £ 76
Kitten Vaccination Course (Total 2 x injections) £ 74
Dog Annual Booster   £ 55
Cat Annual Booster (indoor or Outdoor) £ 47 - £58
First Consultation  £ 48
Repeat Consultation £ 28.50
Rabbit Consultation  £27.50
Small Pet/Bird Consultation  £20
Microchip £16
Nail Clip £16
Empty Anal Sacs £16
Dog Castrate (Depends upon bodyweight) £145 - £195
Bitch Spay (Depends upon bodyweight) £195 - £280
Cat Castrate £65
Cat Spay  £112


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