Dr Simon Rogers

Simon Rogers is a lecturer in the School of Computing Science in the College of Science and Engineering, specialising in the application of Statistical and Machine Learning techniques to the analysis of high throughput biological data. Simon obtained his PhD (Machine Learning Techniques for Microarray Analysis) from the University of Bristol (2004) before moving to Glasgow as a PDRA working with Prof. Mark Girolami.

Simon has developed statistical analysis models and techniques for analysing mRNA microarray data (to e.g. predict the number of microarrays required for a particular task, to extract meaningful expression profiles and to infer regulatory networks), one of the first models to jointly analyse matched mRNA and protein profiles and, more recently, models for producing probabilistic annotations of peaks in LC-MS derived Metabolomics data. His current research is primarily focused on models for LC-MS data although he remains active within the fields of Machine Learning and Statistical Inference. More details available on his website.