The Environment & Health Research Theme measures environmental change and how it impacts upon ecosystems, biosystems and human health. From using natural stable isotope tracers to investigate environmental change through to using highly enriched stable isotope tracers to probe complex biological systems, we use advanced mass spectrometry to quantify change at the elemental and molecular levels. Some areas of current activity include:

Net Zero and Sustainable Living

  • energy transitions (nuclear, wind, CCS, H2, hydrocarbons etc)
  • food security / provenance / safety
  • nature-based carbon capture and remediation
  • environmental change leading to improved health outcomes

Precision Health: Right time, Right place

  • using local food resources to optimise local nutrition for local health challenges in a changing environment including obesity, undernutrition in LMICs and the double burden of malnutrition and the related downstream health consequences
  • stable isotopes to probe the function of microbiomes in their environment - from the human gut to the environment

Environmental Change and Ecosystems

  • ecosystem management
  • protection of existing resources - sustainable soil and water management
  • anthropogenic pollutants and impact on the environment