2023-24 Research Review

In 2023/2024 our researchers have continued to undertake world leading research across a range of areas of SCI. The last year saw people with a SCI take part in eight different clinical studies, with more research studies funded for 2024/2025. Furthermore, our researchers published 13 articles on SCI in 2023/2024 and were involved in a number of student projects

Current projects:

Recently completed projects

Undergraduate Student Projects:

Four third year medical students undertook their student selected components within the QENSIU. During these five week projects, which were undertaken in collaboration with the microbiology team in Glasgow North, the students investigated the prevalence of respiratory and urinary tract infections in the Unit over a 10 year period. It is hoped that this project will lead to national presentations and a journal article, and pave the way for the Unit hosting further student projects in the future.

One Doctorate of Physiotherapy student from Glasgow Caledonian University is working on a remote rehabilitation intervention with a further student due to start an upper limb functional electrical stimulation cycling project later in the year.  An MSc physiotherapy student from Queen Margaret University is investigating the use of online physical activity resources by people with SCI.