Professor Stuart Reid

Prof Reid develops underpinning technology for precision measurement, across a range of applications. Since 2002, he has been developing technology for gravitational wave observatories, particularly developing novel ion beam deposition processes for manufacturing laser mirror coatings. He is Director of the Centre for Extreme Performance Optical Coatings (EPOC) which was established in 2021 as part of NMIS (National Manufacturing Institute Scotland) to transfer technology to the UK photonics, quantum-technology, and biomedical imaging sectors.  This technology is being used within next-generation laser and sensing application, including Raman spectroscopy, fluorescence imaging, and for cardiovascular implants e.g. diamond-like carbon coatings.

Prof Reid is also co-inventor of nanokicking, where precise nanoscale vibrations are used to control the behaviour (and fate) of adult stem cells which can be used to grow bone in the lab from a patient's own cells. Reid supports the clinical studies of nanokicking, in relation to surgical bone graft for civilian landmine survivors and other treatments of non-union fractures, in collaboration with Prof Salmeron-Sanchez and Prof Dalby at the University of Glasgow.  He also led the STFC funded project Early diagnosis and intervention of osteoporosis using nanovibrational stimulation (£393k, 2018-21) with SCISCI, and colleagues across Glasgow and Strathclyde universities, for the development wearable vibration devices for the management/treatment of disuse osteoporosis. Prof Reid is looking for Honours, Masters and PhD students for further nanovibrational studies. Contact him, or Dr Peter Childs, for more details.

Team: Dr Peter Childs


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