The 1951 UN Refugee Convention - 60 Years On

Many of the articles included in this special issue were presented at the postgraduate colloquium

'The 1951 UN Refugee Convention – 60 Years On'

organised by the GRAMNet (Glasgow Refugee, Asylum and Migration Network) Postgraduate Cluster, which took place in Glasgow on 13 June 2011.

Drawing inspiration from various theoretical and methodological frameworks, they discuss the changing nature of asylum and refugee protection in the last six decades.

(cc) Image: Olmovich/Flickr


Taulant Guma &
Catherine Farrell

Introduction: the changing nature of asylum and refugee
protection in the last six decades

  SI6 - Introduction
Gillian McFadyen          The contemporary refugee:
Persecution, semantics and universality
Abstract Si6 - McFadyen
Joanna Spooner The function of testimony in UK asylum claims
  SI6 - Spooner
Amadu Khan UK Media's pathology of the asylum seeker
and the (mis)representation of asylum as a humanitarian issue
Abstract SI6 - Khan
Steve Kirkwood Negotiating the dilemmas of claiming asylum:
A discursive analysis of interviews with refugees on life in Scotland        
Abstract SI6 - Kirkwood
David Bates In it together: Asylum, multiculturalism and grassroots integration
in twenty-first century Britain
Abstract SI6 - Bates
Andrew Smith Afterword   Si6 - Afterword
Sebastien Bachelet            Managing the Undesirables: Refugee Camps
and Humanitarian Government, by Michel Agier (book review)
  Si6 - Bachelet
Rani K Dhanda Immigrant Nations, by Paul Scheffer (book review)   Si6 - Dhanda