This collection of papers is drawn from the 2011 annual conference of Historical Perspectives, a postgraduate history network based in Scotland. The theme of the conference was ‘Real and Imagined Communities’, and we are proud to present this selection of papers which explore that theme in interesting and new ways. From intellectual communities of the past to the disparate communities of industrial legacy; from lost communities of audiences to nationwide consumers constructed as communities; and from political dissenters across national boundaries, to sidelined ethnic communities within one. These papers ask what community means in the present, and if it can ever be real or even imagined.

eSharp would like to extend its thanks to Historical Perspectives for their input and collaboration in compiling this collection.

Lead Editors: Meagan Butler, Alison Chand, Martha Kirby, William McDougall, Anthony Reynolds

Danskin, Julie The 'Hotbed of Genius': Edinburgh's literati and the Community of the Scottish Enlightenment   SI7 - Danskin
O'Sullivan, Sinead
A ‘Real’ or an ‘Imagined’ Community? Métis as an Aboriginal People in Canada   SI7 - O'Sullivan
Hurst, Mark

‘To Build a Castle’: The British Construction of Soviet Dissent

  SI7 - Hurst
McDougall, William
‘Damn You, Turner Brothers’: Compensating UK Asbestos Victims, c.1978-2007   SI7 - McDougall
Reynolds, Anthony
Community Memory and Cinema Culture in South Glasgow, 1945-60   ‌‌SI7 - Reynolds
Moler, Dale
Advertising Television: Television Discourses and Post-War British Communities, 1945-1955   SI7 - Molar