Spinning Scotland: Exploring Literary and Cultural Perspectives

A selection of papers arising from the Spinning Scotland conference hosted by the postgraduate students of the Department of Scottish Literature in the Wolfson Medical Building, University of Glasgow, Saturday 13 September 2008. Responding to the call for further collaborative research in the field of Scottish Literature, the conference employed the metaphor of the fabric of the Scottish nation - the collaboration between literature, culture, language, history and thought - to engage with the rich texture of Scotland's literary output.

Image credit: Muirhead Bone, The Shipyard (1917) ©The Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery, University of Glasgow


 Alexander J. Cuthbert & Lisa Harrison

 Editorial    SI2 - Editorial
 J. Linden Bicket  The Looms of History in George Mackay Brown's Literary Landscape  Abstract  SI2 - Bickett
 Alexander J. Cuthbert  Reforming Rhetoric: The Immodest Proposals of David Lyndsay  Abstract  SI2 - Cuthbert
 E. Guillermo Iglesias Díaz  What is left in between: Trainspotting, from Novel to Film  Abstract  SI2 - Diaz
 Christy Di Frances  Motion and Agency in Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island  Abstract  SI2 - Di Frances
 Emma Dymock  Strands of Politics in the Poetry of Sorley MacLean: Exploring the Symbol of the Skye Stallion in a Scottish and European Context  Abstract  SI2 - Dymock
 Iain Macdonald  The Very Heart of Beyond: Gaelic Nationalism and the Work of Fionn Mac Colla  Abstract  SI2 - Macdonald
 John McKay  The Banal Daily Drudge: Telling Stories in Scotland  Abstract  SI2 - McKay
 Mª del Coral Calvo Maturana  Jackie Kay's Representation of 'The Broons': Scotland's Happy Family  Abstract  SI2 - Maturana
 Spinning Scotland  Complete pdf   SI2 - Spinning Scotland