Reaction and Reinvention: Changing Times in Central and Eastern Europe

Papers arising from the postgraduate conference of the British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies (BASEES), 'Reactions and Reinventions: Changing Critical Genres in Slavonic and East European Literature, Culture and Politics since 1840', Centre for Russian, Central and Eastern European Studies, University of Glasgow, 8 December, 2007.

 Valentina Feklyunina & Muireann Maguire

Editorial    SI1 - Editorial
 Uilleam Blacker Representations of the Urban Environment in Contemporary
Ukrainian Literature
 Abstract  SI1 - Blacker
 Raul Carstocea Heirs of the Archangel? The 'New Right' Group and the
Development of the Radical Right in Romania
 Abstract  SI1 - Carstocea
 Vanessa Rampton 'Are You Gangsters?' 'No, We're Russians':
The Brother Films and the Question of National Identity in Russia
 Abstract  SI1 - Rampton
 Joanne Shelton The Russian Woman's Guide to Surviving the Post-Soviet Era:
From Detective Fiction to glamurnoe chtenie
 Abstract  SI1 - Shelton