24 November 2022: Keynote speech at INPESS 2022

Prof. Anja Neundorf will present the data from Work Package 1 at INPESS 2022 Conference as a keynote speaker. 

14 September 2022: DEMED research published on Washington Post

DEMED researchers, Anja Neundorf, Eugenia Nazrullaeva, Ksenia Northmore-Ball, and Katerina Tertytchnaya have recently published an article, named "The invasion of Ukraine has upended Russian education," on the Washington Post's the Monkey Cage blog. The article relies on expert surveys collected as part of the DEMED Project. 


3 January 2022: DEMED expert survey on indoctrination goes live

Together with with the Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) Project at the University of Gothenburg, we now started the data collection for a new expert survey on regime indoctrination, focusing on education policies and practices as well as media propaganda for over 100 countries from around the world. Until mid February, more than 1,000 eduction and media experts will complete our questionnaire. The data will be released publicly in 2023.

For more info, see our “call for experts.” 

29 January 2022: We are hiring!

DEMED is hiring a new Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Democratic Politics. The post is for two years, starting on 1 September 2022. We are  looking for someone with a substantive background in the study of  authoritarian and/or democratic regimes and/or the politics of education.  A strong quantitative background is essential. This postdoc will support Work Package 1, where we are currently collecting extensive expert coded data (by  V-Dem) on indoctrination, creating unique data on education and media. 

Deadline: 21 February 2022

We offer:

  • Salary:  £36,382 - £40,927 per year (approx.  43,586 - 49,031 Euro)
  • Budget for travel and research assistance
  • An internationally leading research team
  • A pleasant and stimulating working environment
  • Glasgow’s high-quality of living and rich opportunities for culture
    and outdoor activities

You can see more information on this position and how to apply clicking here.


18 November 2021: Presentation at Leicester University

Professor Neundorf is presenting the DEMED paper "Nostalgia and the threat to democracy" (with Elçi, E.) at the Politics Department, University of Leicester. (virtual event) 


5 November 2021: Presentation at Carlos III-Juan March Institute in Madrid

Professor Neundorf will present the paper “A loyal base? Authoritarian system support in times of crisis: The case of Turkey (Neundorf, A., Gerschewski, J., Northmore-Ball, K., Ozturk, A. and K. Tertytchnaya)” at the Carlos III-Juan March Institute in Madrid, Spain (virtual).

For more information: https://ic3jm.es/en/activities/permanent-seminar/ 

6 October 2021: Keynote lecture in Women in Political Methodology Speaker Series

Professor Neundorf gave a Keynote lecture on “The current state and the future of women in Political Methodology” in the Women in Political Methodology Speaker Series. More details here: http://zurichsummerschool.com/speaker-series/. (virtual event) 

DEMED at APSA 2021

Two papers from DEMED Project were presented at the American Political Science Association's 2021 Annual Meeting:


22 September 2021: Participation “Virtual Workshop of Authoritarian Regimes”

DEMED working paper, entitled "A loyal base? Authoritarian system support in times of crisis: The case of Turkey" was discussed in the Virtual Workshop of Authoritarian Regimes. The paper was prepared by Anja Neundorf, Aykut Ozturk, Ksenia Northmore-Ball, Katerina Tertytchnaya, and Johannes Gerschewski.

Discussants were Jason Brownlee (UT Austin), Sabri Ciftci (Kansas State University), Henry Hale (George Washington University), and Bryn Rosenfeld (Cornell University). 

17 September 2021: Last day of Eugenia Nazrullaeva

Postdoctoral Fellow, Eugenia Nazrullaeva, is taking up a new post as a LSE Fellow. Eugenia has made incredibly important contributions to DEMED in the last year. She will however remain connected to the project as a DEMED Research Affiliate. We all wish Eugenia the very best in her new post. 

10 September 2021: Presentation at General Online Research 2021 conference

Prof. Anja Neundorf and Dr. Aykut Ozturk presented their working paper exploring the use of Facebook for survey participant recruitment at the General Online Research Conference 2021. The presentation video is available on YouTube

3 September 2021: Presentation at EPOP Conference

DEMED team member Ksenia Northmore-Ball presented a paper co-authored with other DEMED members, Anja Neundorf, Aykut Ozturk, Katerina Tertytchnaya, and Johannes Gerschewski, at EPOP 2021 Annual Meeting. The paper is entitled "A loyal base? Authoritarian system support in times of crisis: The case of Turkey."

31 August 2021: Presentation at USAID

Professor Neundorf, Professor Finkel, and Dr. Rascon presented the DEMED research on civic education to the USAID Civil Society and Media Team (virtual event).

15 August 2021: New research assistants join DEMED

Five new research assistants have joined the DEMED team to support the country expert recruitment of Work Package 1.

Check out their profiles: 

25 June 2021: Presentation at EPSA

Anja Neundorf, Aykut Ozturk, Ksenia Northmore-Ball, Katerina Tertytchnaya, and Johannes Gerschewski virtually presented their co-authored working paper, entitled "A loyal base? Support for authoritarian regimes in times of crisis – The case of Turkey" in European Political Science Association Conference. 

17 June 2021: Presentation at the University of Bergen

Professor Neundorf presented the DEMED paper ‘Nostalgia and the threat to democracy’ (with Elçi, E.) at the Comparative Politics Department, University of Bergen. (virtual event) 


7 April 2021: Presentation at LSE

Aykut Ozturk presented their co-authored work with Prof. Anja Neundorf, entitled "Recruiting Research Participants through Facebook Advertisements," to a group of scholars and students from LSE. Their work discusses best practices to recruit survey participants through Facebook paid advertisements. 

19 March 2021: Presentation at PolMeth Europe Conference

Anja Neundorf and Aykut Ozturk presented a paper, entitled "Recruiting Survey Participants through Facebook Advertisements" in PolMeth Europe conference. The paper included their findings regarding the use of Facebook tools for the recruitment of survey participants. The study was conducted as part of DEMED Work Package 3.

3 February 2021: Presentation at the NYU Abu Dhabi Political Science Speaker Series!

Prof. Anja Neundorf will present her paper co-authored with Steve Finkel and Ericka Rascon Ramirez at the NYU Abu Dhabi Political Science Speaker Series. The title of the paper is "Can Online Civic Education Induce Democratic Citizenship?  Experimental evidence from a New Democracy?"

9-10 December 2020: Training for systematic review and meta-analysis

DEMED researchers have received training from Dr. Franziska Meinck (University of Edinburgh) on systematic review and meta-analysis.

Steve Finkel (University of Pittsburgh), Junghyun Lim (University of Pittsburgh), Anja Neundorf (University of Glasgow), and Aykut Ozturk (University of Glasgow) will conduct a systematic review of the civic education literature, starting from January 2021. 

6 November 2020: DEMED kick-off meeting


The entire DEMED team came together for the first time. Due to COVID restrictions, the event took place online.

8 October 2020: Presentation at LSE!

Prof. Anja Neundorf presented a working paper, titled "Can Online Civic Education Induce Democratic Citizenship Experimental Evidence from a New Democracy," at LSE Political Behavior Seminar. This paper is co-authored with Steven Finkel and Ericka Rascon Ramirez, and it explores how online civic education can induce democratic citizenship relying on online survey experiments conducted in Tunisia. 

1 October 2020: Two new postdocs joined the DEMED team.

Eugenia Nazrullaeva and Aykut Öztürk joined the DEMED team. Visit Eugenia's and Aykut's web pages for more information on them.  

30 September 2020: Presentation at the University of Manchester

Prof. Anja Neundorf gave the keynote speech at the 4th Annual Democracy & Elections and Comparative Politics conference, organized at the University of Manchester. The theme of this year's conference was "Democracy Under Pressure." During her keynote speech, Prof. Neundorf introduced the DEMED and shared findings from the working paper entitled "Can Online Civic Education Induce Democratic Citizenship? Experimental Evidence from a New Democracy."