Peer-reviewed Publications

Support for Democracy

  • Can Online Civic Education Induce Democratic Citizenship? Experimental Evidence from a New Democracy. Steven Finkel, Anja Neundorf, and Ericka Rascón Ramírez. 2023. American Journal of Political Science. [Published Article]



  • Varieties of Indoctrination (V-Indoc): Introducing a Global Dataset on the Politicization of Education and the Media. Anja Neundorf, Eugenia Nazrullaeva, Ksenia Northmore-Ball, Katerina Tertytchnaya, and Wooseok Kim. 2024. Perspectives on Politics. [Published Article]



  • How to Improve Representativeness and Cost-effectiveness in Samples Recruited through Meta: A Comparison of Advertisement Tools. Anja Neundorf and Aykut Öztürk. 2023. PLoS ONE. [Published Article


Other Publications

  • Indoctrination in Russia in the German-language outlet “Russland Analysen”: [Short paper]


  • Varieties of Political Indoctrination in Education and the Media (V-Indoc) Dataset V1. Anja Neundorf, Eugenia Nazrullaeva, Ksenia Northmore-Ball, Katerina Tertytchnaya, Wooseok Kim, Aaron Benavot, Patricia Bromley, Carl Henrik Knutsen, Philipp Lutscher, Kyle Marquardt, Agustina Paglayan, Dan Pemstein, Brigitte Seim, and Oskar Rydén. 2023. DEMED Project. [DownloadCodebook

Working Papers and Works in Progress

Civic Education Interventions

  • Building Democratic Support in Authoritarian Contexts: How Message Frames Matter. Aykut Öztürk, Steven Finkel, Anja Neundorf, and Ericka Rascón Ramírez. [Working paper]
  • (When) Does Online Civic Education Work: Evidence from a Cross-National Experiment. Anja Neundorf, Steven Finkel, Aykut Öztürk, Ericka Rascón Ramírez. [Working paper]
  • Civic Education and Support for Democracy. Aykut Öztürk, Steve Finkel, Anja Neundorf, and Ericka Rascón Ramírez. [Registration]
  • Adult Civic Education and Support for Democratic Values: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Steven Finkel, Junghyun Lim, Anja Neundorf, Aykut Öztürk, and Daniel Shephard. [Working paper]
  • Prospect Theory and Reference Points in Civic Education Campaigns: Cross-National Experimental Evidence. Ericka Rascón Ramírez, Anja Neundorf, Steven Finkel, and Aykut Öztürk. [Registration]
  • Building Democracy Through Social Media Advertisements? An Online Field Experiment in Turkey. Aykut Öztürk, Anja Neundorf, Steve Finkel, and Ericka Rascón Ramírez. [Registration]
  • Political Polarization and the Effects of Civic Education. Aykut Öztürk, Anja Neundorf, Steven Finkel, Ericka Rascón Ramírez, and Melek Hilal Eroglu. [Registration]


Support for Democracy

  • A Loyal Base: Support for Authoritarian Regimes in Times of Crisis. Anja Neundorf, Aykut Öztürk, Ksenia Northmore-Ball, Katerina Tertychnaya, and Johannes Gerschwski. Under review. [Working Paper
  • Conceptualising and Measuring Support for Liberal Democracy across the World.  Christopher Claassen, Kathrin Ackermann, Eri Bertsou, Ryan Carlin, Sirianne Dahlum, Sergiu Gherghina, Yphtach Lelkes, Pedro Magalhães, Robert Mattes, Maurits Meijers, Anja Neundorf, Aykut Öztürk, Rodolfo Sarsfield, Ben Stanley, Tsung-han Tsai, Andrej Zaslove, and Elizabeth Zechmeister. [Working Paper]
  • "This is Not a Democracy": Societal Characteristics and Citizens' Assessments of Democratic Quality. Sirianne Dahlum, Anja Neundorf, Aykut Öztürk, and Kristian Skaaning Fredriksen. [Registration]
  • Trade-offs of Democracy: Pitting Democracy Against Economic and Non-Economic Threats. Anja Neundorf, Sirianne Dahlum, Kristian Skaaning Fredriksen, and Aykut Öztürk. [Registration]
  • Nostalgia and the Threat to Democracy. Ezgi Elçi and Anja Neundorf. [Registration
  • Authoritarian Nostalgia, Democratic Support and Radical Right Voting. Anja Neundorf and Sergi Pardos-Prado. [Working paper]
  • Autocratic and Democratic Imprinting: The Long-term Impact of Education on Democratic SupportAnja Neundorf, Johannes Gerschewski, Natasha Lindstaedt, Roman-Gabriel Olar, and Rosalind Shorrocks. [Working paper]



  • Democracy and the Politicization of Education. Agustina Paglayan, Anja Neundorf, and Wooseok Kim. [Working paper]
  • Indoctrination and Personalism in Dictatorships. Katerina Tertytchnaya, Wooseok Kim, Anja Neundorf, Ksenia Northmore-Ball, and Eugenia Nazrullaeva. [Working paper]
  • Strategies of Political Control and Regime Survival in Autocracies. Anja Neundorf, Katerina Tertytchnaya, Ksenia Northmore-Ball, Eugenia Nazrullaeva, and Wooseok Kim. In progress.
  • Threats and Investment in Patriotic Education. Ksenia Northmore-Ball, Katerina Tertytchnaya, Eugenia Nazrullaeva, Anja Neundorf, and Wooseok Kim. In progress.



  • Advertising Online Surveys on Social Media: How Your Advertisements Affect Your Samples. Anja Neundorf and Aykut Öztürk. Under review. [Working paper]
  • Recruiting Research Participants through Facebook Advertisements: A Handbook. Anja Neundorf and Aykut Öztürk. [Handbook]
  • How Data Collection Methods Affect Inferences: Lessons from Three Education Datasets. Adrian Del Rio Rodriguez, Wooseok Kim, Carl Henrik Knutsen, Eugenia Nazrullaeva, Anja Neundorf, and Agustina Paglayan. In progress.