Workshop: Experiencing Material Worlds

May 11th 2018, 9:00-17:00, St. Andrews Building, Room 213

Supported by ArtsLab

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AR/VR applications in the arts, culture, and cultural heritage are proliferating, from providing tours of difficult to access landscapes to the ability to see recreations of now absent objects and structures to engaging with performance. They are increasingly integral to the art, museum and tourism sectors, and how we communicate and engage with the public. This workshop will bring together researchers from across the college, colleagues from Industry, and Computer Science researchers to ask, “what research on material culture and cultural heritage benefits from or is made possible only by VR/AR?”

The workshop will provide information on training and technological resources at the University, as well as external funding opportunities to support research that incorporates VR/AR. Participants will engage in practical discussion sessions on integrating VR/AR into specific research projects. These discussions will focus on developing research questions, identifying potential methods, and outlining the technologies needed with input from colleagues from a variety of disciplinary perspectives.  

This workshop is open to all. Staff from the School of Humanities, Doctoral and Post-Doctoral researchers are particularly encouraged to attend. Lunch and coffees will be provided.

This workshop is coordinated with the CPD Series: Immersive Technology, from idea to brief.


Dr Rachel Opitz

Professor Lorna Hughes

Dr Neil McDonnell

Workshop contributors:

Dr Ian Findlay-Walsh

Dr Julie Williamson

Dr Christina Young