Immersive Technology: From idea to brief

Run by Dr. Neil McDonnell, LKAS for AR and VR at the Centre for the Study of Perceptual Experience

Hosted by ArtsLab - register through them.

These sessions are open to all, and are designed to take colleagues through the process of understanding these technologies, specifying a use case for them, and refining that specification into an actionable plan. The sessions are technically independent, but it is anticipated that session 1 will have stand-alone interest for colleagues who are broadly interested in the new technology and how it might be used. Sessions 2 and 3 will guide colleagues through the development and refinement of an idea that utilises the technology, and so are best thought of as a pair of sessions for those who have a specific use-case to pursue.

Session 1: Immersive Technology, the State of the Art

Wed 21st November 2018

This session will introduce (and distinguish!) Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality technologies. It will lay out the differences in the features and constraints on each, and will sketch a roadmap of what developments are anticipated in the coming years. We will also outline some indicative use cases. This is intended to get colleagues up to speed, and to prompt ideas as to how this tech might play a role in research, teaching, or public engagement.

Session 2: Briefing an AR/VR Project (Seminar Room)

Wed 28th November 2018

This session will give concrete practical advice as to how colleagues can brief an idea they might have that utilises AR or VR technologies. Guidance will be offered about existing resources, and some of the valuable preparation work that colleagues can do in advance of costing a project. This session is for colleagues who have some application in mind and are ready to do some of the preparatory work. Numbers are limited, but overspill sessions may be run if there is sufficient demand.

Session 3: AR/VR Brief Refinement Workshop (Seminar Room)

Wed 5th December 2018

This session is designed to allow those who have developed a first draft of their AR/VR project brief to refine and develop that brief with colleagues, and Neil McDonnell, in a workshop format. The end product of this session should be a brief that is practical, efficient, and well specified. Such a brief should be ready for costing and inclusion in a grant application or business case proposal. Numbers are limited, but overspill sessions may be run if there is sufficient demand.