Seminar Series 2011/12

All seminars are held at 5.15pm in Room 208, 2 University Gardens, unless specified otherwise.

21 September 2011

Dr. Andrew Heath, University of Sheffield
'Crowned Heads under the Beds: A Monarchist Conspiracy in Reconstruction-era America'

19 October 2011

Professor Peter Messent, University of Nottingham
‘Mark Twain: a symposium’

16 November 2011

Dr. Kate Dossett, University of Leeds
‘Our actors may become our emancipators: race and realism in 1930s American political theatre’
(co-sponsored by Theatre Studies)

30 November 2011

Dr. Andrew Taylor, University of Edinburgh
‘A man is conservative after dinner: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Michel de Maontaigne, and the appetites of moderation’

18 January 2012

Dr. Mark Rawlinson, University of Nottingham
‘Joe Deal’s Untitled Views’

1 February 2012

Dr. Lincoln Geraghty, University of Portsmouth
‘Contesting Comic Book Guy, or Get a Life Paul: Representations of Fans and Fandom in Film and Television’
(co-sponsored by Film and TV Studies)

22 February 2012

Dr. Sam Edwards, Manchester Metropolitan University
‘From Here Lincoln Came': Anglo-Saxonism, the Special Relationship, and the Anglicization of Abraham Lincoln, c. 1860-1970’
(co-sponsored by War Studies)

7 March 2012

Prof. Rachel Wheeler, Indiana University-Purdue University, and University of Mainz
‘Whose Story is American religion: The parallel lives of Daniel Boone Joshua, the Mohican’

17 March 2012

Plenary lecture at the annual conference of the Scottish Association for the Study of America (SASA)

2 May 2012 - Held in the Yudowitz Room in the Wolfson Medical School Building

Annual Gordon Lecture in American Studies
Professor Alan Brinkley, Columbia University and Cambridge University
‘The Great Depression, then and now’