Augmented Reality (AR) rendering of a jet engine in a studio space. People interact with the engine wearing VR headsets.

XRed: Preparing for Immersive Education

Who are we?

We are the Scoping Extended Educational Realities (SEER) research group within the University of Glasgow. We believe that XR technology will transform education.

What are we doing?

This transformation will introduce a 3D medium into learning spaces, enable widescale virtualisation of hitherto impractical experiences within lessons, and lead to dramatic changes in how and what it is possible to teach and learn. It will also change the world of work that we prepare our learners for.

Such change could be quick, safe, and equitable if we make the right decisions today, or it could be slow, carry risk, and be inequitable if we do not. Our ambition in this work is to catalyse the positive and responsible adoption of XR technology in education. We will call such widespread adoption XRed.

The Whitepaper and Report

This page hosts our Whitepaper and Report documents. The Whitepaper condenses our work into key takeaways. The associated Report document lays out our research, thinking, and argument in detail and provides case studies, an illustrative example of how we see a future lesson which makes use of XR technology, and a glossary.

This work was partly funded by a donation from Meta. The writing, conclusions and recommendations are entirely those of the SEER team who remain editorially independent.

XRed Whitepaper

XRed Report