Robin Muegge



Research title: Spatiotemporal areal data modelling: COVID-19 applications and boundary detection for big data

Research Summary

Current Research

My research focus is on the spatio-temporal modelling of areal data. In particular, I work with public health data and epidemiology applications. My first completed research project is estimating the impact of the national lockdowns on COVID-19 mortality risks in England. My second completed project is on analysing attrition rates for the second and third doses of the COVID-19 vaccination programme in Scotland, particularly investigating age group trends in the attrition rates and their patterns across council areas.

My current research is combining spatio-temporal statistics with machine learning techniques for outlier detection.


Muegge, R. Dean, N. Jack, E. and Lee, D. (2023) National lockdowns in England: the same restrictions for all, but do the impacts on COVID-19 mortality risks vary geographically? Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Epidemiology, 44, 100559. (doi: 10.1016/j.sste.2022.100559)

Muegge, R., Jack, E., Dean, N., and Lee, D. (2024). Covid-19 vaccine fatigue in Scotland: how do the trends in attrition rates for the second and third doses differ by age, sex, and council area? Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A: Statistics in Society. (doi: 10.1093/jrsssa/qnae036) 


  • G-Research grant for PhD students and postdocs in quantitative fields
  • London Mathematical Society (LMS) Travel Grant for Early Career Researchers
  • Graduate School Mobility Scholarship from the College of Science & Engineering at the University of Glasgow
  • GEOMED 2024 conference travel grant


  • Organised conference session at Royal Statistical Society Conference 2023.
  • Organised conference session at GEOMED conference in 2022.
  • Poster Presentation at Royal Statistical Society Conference 2022.


Invited Seminar talks:

  • Computational Biology event at the University of Glasgow in May 2023.
  • Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia in March 2024.
  • University of Wollongong, Australia in April 2024.
  • University of Technology Sydney, Australia in April 2024.
  • Statistical Society of Australia - Canberra branch, Australia in April 2024.
  • University of Melbourne, Australia in May 2024.
  • University of Auckland, New Zealand in May 2024.


Academic year 2023/24:

Statistics 1Y: Introduction to Statistics (STATS1002)

Principles of Probability and Statistics (STATS4047)

Past courses:

Statistics for Biomedical Engineering (STATS3002)


Additional Information


  • University Teaching Excellence Award (Team Award) as part of the Level 1 Statistics Team, at UofG, in 2024.
  • Jon Nimmo Teaching Prize in the category "UG/PG who teach", at UofG, in 2022.
  • Jon Nimmo Teaching Prize in the category "Early Career Staff", at UofG, in 2021.
  • F.S. Cater Prize in Mathematical Sciences for outstanding academic achievements, at Portland State University, in 2019.