Leslie Thompson


Research title: Interrelationship Between Marketing Modelling Applications

Research Summary

Research Title: Interrelationship Between Marketing Modelling Applications.

Leslie is conducting research within Service Marketing to explore the relationship between Marketing modelling applications and organizational performance. He aims to establish connections between theoretical models in Service Marketing by conducting empirical research. The findings from his research will contribute to theoretical advancements in the field and inform adjustments to current Marketing policies and practices.

Leslie's work will impact the Service Marketing literature by synthesizing and extending existing frameworks, providing a more comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. His research will generate original insights into Analytics and Digital Marketing, offering both theoretical and practical implications for academia and businesses. Leslie's research represents a significant undertaking to bridge theoretical concepts with real-world applications, with the potential to shape the future landscape of Service Marketing and its associated disciplines.


James McCune Smith Scholarship 2023

Additional Information

Leslie began his Ph.D. program in Marketing at the Adam Smith Business School (ASBS) in the fall of 2023. ASBS is located within the University of Glasgow in Scotland, UK. A significant advantage of Leslie's academic pursuit is being supervised by two distinguished authorities in his research domain – Dr. Jaylan Azer and Prof. Ozlem Sandikci Turkdogan, both esteemed scholars within the College of Social Sciences at ASBS. Having such experienced mentors provides invaluable guidance and insights for Leslie as he navigates his research journey.

ASBS offers a rich academic environment, fortified by the Marketing Cluster Research Group, which boasts diverse expertise in Services Marketing, Analytics, and Digital Marketing. This collective knowledge base positions Leslie to thrive in his research endeavours, benefiting from a wealth of resources and collaborative opportunities. The Marketing Cluster Research Group organizes regular national and international seminars, conferences, and public events, offering a platform for scholars like Leslie to engage with peers, showcase their research findings, and gain valuable feedback.

This vibrant academic community aligns seamlessly with Leslie's research interests, providing him with a conducive environment to explore, innovate, and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in Marketing. Leslie's affiliation with ASBS and the Marketing Cluster Research Group offers him a supportive and intellectually stimulating environment to pursue his Ph.D. studies. With authoritative mentors, access to resources, and opportunities for academic engagement, Leslie is well-positioned to excel in his research and make meaningful contributions to the field of Marketing.