Fuling Deng

School of Education, University of Glasgow

St Andrew's Building, University of Glasgow, G3 6NH

Email: 2372763d@student.gla.ac.uk

Research Interest: 

  • Teaching multimodal literacy with picturebooks
  • Challenging picturebooks as educational resources
  • Postmodern metafictive picturebooks and Suzy Lee
  • Develop teacher’s knowledge of picturebooks
  • Cultural identity and international perspective to illustration

Research title: Teaching and Learning with Picturebooks: developing multimodal literacy with a community of primary school teachers in China.

Research Summary

My doctoral research is a qualitative study that uses a community of practice as an approach to explore how picturebooks and an awareness of their multimodal affordances can contribute to teaching multimodal literacy in Chinese upper primary classrooms.


College of Social Sciences (CoSS) PhD Scholarship 


Graduate Teaching Assistant in Children's Literature Med and CLMC (School of Education, University of Glasgow)

Additional Information

I hold a BA in Early Childhood Education and a MA (distinction) in Children’s Literature and Literacies. I edited a number of English and Japanese picturebooks by award-winning authors such as Shaun Tan, Mo Willems, and Ayano Imai. I have translated 24 picturebooks and published 23 book review articles in China. As a researcher writer, I co-edited an art series named The Grand Tour of Picturebook Art: travelling with illustrators.