Cycle Plus - Some Questions Answered

Why does the University not ....

… work with more independent bike retailers under the scheme?

The current Cycle to Work scheme provider for the University, Halfords, does work with independent bike retailers as well as online retailers. This means, as a participant in the scheme, you would not be limited to Halfords shops only. Please ensure that you check the partner shop finder on their website, before you chose a bike package.

… extend the spend limit under the scheme, to allow purchasing of e-bikes?

The University has responded to a change in Government guidelines some years ago and set a higher limit as previously. The limits are currently

  • £2500 for pedal bikes
  • £3000 for e-bikes

This should enable the procurement of e-bikes and suitable commuter bikes from a vast range of bicycles available from Halfords and their partner shops. 

… open up the scheme to allow bike procurement not only for commuting?

The Cycle to Work scheme was set up by the government to encourage bike commuting. The rules state that at the bicycle obtained under the scheme has to be used at least for 50% for commuting. This means, that the bikes can be used for other purposes, may it be for leisure or utility. If you are looking to get a bicycle which you don’t want to use for commuting, then this is not the scheme for you. You could however use a bicycle with the University free OVObike memberships, or buy a second hand-bike. You would be also eligible for some discounts valid is some shops that sell bicycles using University Staff Benefits.

… open up the scheme for those with a parking permit?

The scheme is only closed to those who hold a FULL car parking permit under the University’s car parking management scheme. As there are occasional permits available, the assumption is made that holders of full permits will always travel to work by car, of for the majority of times. Therefore, it would be difficult to see how the 50% of commuting journeys by bicycle could be achieved. As the University is subject to HMRC audits, we will have to show that we adhere to government rules in order to be able to continue to offer the scheme. If you want to change a full car parking permit to an occasional car parking permit, in order to be able to apply for CyclePlus, please contact the car parking team.

… open up the scheme for students?

The Cycle to Work scheme is a government salary sacrifice scheme specifically to enable employees the opportunity to commute to work via bike. As most students do not have a University of Glasgow employee contract they do not have employee status and are ineligible.

… provide better discounts through the scheme?

The discounts are based on this being a salary sacrifice scheme, which means the savings are made through the participants not having to pay tax on the amount they spent on a bicycle package. The University does not have the power to change the tax bands or how the scheme works.

… provide training programmes to learn cycling skills / safety workshops?

The University has for the last years provided workshops for cycling training and maintenance. In co-operation with GUEST, we also provided led rides and regular Dr Bike sessions. Please check our events page for any upcoming workshops or training opportunities. Our long-term partners Bike for Good are also offering these opportunities, and many of their activities are free.