The Beekeeping Society

The University of Glasgow Beekeeping Society is a student-led society promoting the learning and participation in beekeeping activities on campus. Our six hives are located in Viewfield Lane on the Gilmorehill Campus, and our committee members and volunteers regularly check the hives all year round.


Winter activities

During the winter, we visit the hives less regularly to avoid disturbing the bees, and place insulating material into the hives to help the bees stay warm. During this time there is less pollen and nectar, so we make sure they have enough sugar fondant or sugar syrup. Fondant is cut up and placed into the hives between the frames and the syrup feeders can be placed on the outside of the hive and need to be checked to make sure they don’t freeze. The bees are also protected from pests entering and causing damage to the hives through the use of mouse guards.


Get involved

Volunteers are always welcome to come along to our practical sessions to gain beekeeping knowledge and skills as well as meeting other bee-lovers (no previous experience required). You can contact us via Facebook or email!

Facebook: Glasgow University Beekeeping Society

Instagram: @gubks

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