Viewfield Lane gardens

The Viewfield Lane gardens are located in the back gardens of the old tenement buildings between Oakfield Ave and Southpark Ave in - you guessed it - Viewfield Lane.

Four of the spaces are dedicated to growing vegetables, fruits, and herbs, and one is the home of the Gilmorehills campus beehives. The gardens feature a greenhouse, a shed, and multiple planters and raised beds, all built by university students and staff.

Any student or staff are welcome to use the gardens. The GUEST biodiversity promoter organises weekly gardening sessions - these currently take place on Wednesdays and Sundays 12:30-2pm. Email Sarah Le Person ( if you have any questions!



The gardens are located behind the black wooden doors on the left hand side of Viewfield Lane, which can only be accessed from Gibson Street (it's a wee side lane just after no. 63). See the map below, or contact the biodiversity promoter for a guided tour.

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