Supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing

Outside the Fraser Building students sit and chat.  Image chosen to depict the linkage of outdoors and social with wellbeingIn consultation with colleagues, People First considered and brought forward a series of recommendations around how we can better support colleagues to address the exceptional physical and mental challenges brought on by the pandemic. This includes:

  • Meaningful contact and regular discussions on wellbeing, operational priorities and challenges with line managers
  • Encouraging self-sustaining teams and peer support networks
  • Improving access to mental health resources eg. PAM Assist, Togetherall and the Mental Health First Aider network
  • Developing complimentary resources for managers including skills development
  • Fostering an output-driven approach to leadership over presenteeism
  • Empowering colleagues to take responsibility and develop conducive working environments with regards to health and safety and their work/life balance

As we continue this new mixed working approach, we will also deliver a supportive, flexible, and inclusive approach to wellbeing, which includes:

  • Minimising attendance for delivery of essential services, activities, and functions
  • Empowering teams to reprioritise work and review deadlines
  • Increased policy provisions and FAQs
  • Webinar support for example the Headtorch Head Skills and Mental Fitness sessions