Balancing Workload and Productivity

We are committed to supporting colleagues to achieve a sustainable work-life balance, despite the fact we recognise that this can be difficult to achieve in practice.

We have therefore further empowered Heads of Subject, School, RI or Service through our devolved approach to leadership, autonomy to determine workload decisions to mitigate impact of COVID-19. This includes:

  • Adjusting tasks and/or removing/reducing non-essential work (and re-distributing priorities where capacity exists)
  • Adopting transparent workload planning and developing/sharing best practice resources to support line managers
  • Managing unrealistic expectations and assisting colleagues to prioritise
  • Trusting colleagues to perform and to take responsibility for managing their work

As we continue remote working, we seek to:

  • Balance workloads and other responsibilities in any future prolonged lockdown periods
  • Adjust workloads and performance expectations to account for individual circumstances
  • Continue to use flexible working arrangements and the furlough scheme where applicable
  • Manage deadlines with appropriate flexibility
  • Provide physical and equipment-related support for working from home