Maximising Recognition and Reward

Professor teachingThe University has been considering measures to maximise recognition and reward throughout the pandemic, and has rolled out a number of additional measures, including:  

  • Staff recognition payment in thanks and acknowledgement of colleague dedication and performance
  • Expanding the Voucher Scheme
  • Extending senior leadership reinforcement & acknowledgement of ‘jobs well done’
  • Thank You Cards/Letters/Emails (physically or digitally)
  • Additional and/or advanced leave days

Further ideas under development include:

  • Capitalising on extending experiential learning and access to development opportunities
  • Exploring the appetite for an Annual Award Ceremony and/or digital “Wall of Fame” to recognise initiative and ‘above & beyond’ delivery
  • Exposure to new experiences to enhance experience base in support of future career prospects

Other recommendations under consideration include:

  • Potential of implementing enhanced recognition measures and continuing to deliver personalised support and development to all colleagues.