Enabling Personal/ Professional Development and Career Progression

Recognising that the pandemic may have impacted on development plans for some, we continue to refresh our internal processes to mitigate its adverse effects, such as through further use of ‘lighter touch’ PDR. 

Continued support for development through:

  • Reviewing the concept and value of performance ratings/alignment with reward and therefore bringing the focus of PDR back to a quality 1:1 discussion with values-based objectives and a developmental approach 
  • Improving access and opportunities to up-skilling and capitalising on positive and productive career-enhancing leadership experiences.
  • Monitoring the uptake of development opportunities and promotion/progression
  • Developing illustrative career pathways through the Glasgow Professional Behavioural Framework and showcasing exemplar narratives.
  • Addressing skills gaps and shortages through tailored development programmes e.g., digital deficit, future ready related initiatives, etc.
  • Launching our Strategic and Future Leaders Programmes.
  • Delivering tailored development programmes, such as Management Fundamentals and Digital Fundamentals.