Are you an established Shinty player? Had some experience but haven’t seen much action on the pitch in years? Or have you never held a stick in your life? Just heard the word Shintyand are trying to work out whether it’s a martial art or not? Looking to have an amazing time at socials? If yes to any of these questions, Shinty is the sport for you. 

Shinty is both a fantastic sport and social club. The game itself requires speed, skill and stamina on the pitch. Something you’ll soon gain after joining Glasgow University Shinty Club – along with the knowledge that you are a part of one of the oldest teams in the league who’ve been competing for over 100 years.

It may be Scotland’s oldest and most traditional sport buthasn’t stopped us from hopping over to Ireland/N.Ireland in the past few years for a game of Shinty-Hurling– A.K.A some of the most amazing, confusing fun known to man.  


Glasgow University Shinty Club is historically a hugely successful team in the university leagues; the Women’s team won the 2018’19 league and we’re looking for new members to continue and add to that success in the coming years! On top of this, every year Glasgow players are selected to join the Scottish Student Representative Squad which offers a chance to play Shinty at the highest level. 


We train every Wednesday at 20.30-22.00, meeting at the Botanic Gardens at 20.10. Training is co-ordinated by the captains who’ll teach you all you need to know to play the greatest sport offered at Glasgow University. If you’re looking to maintain peak fitness through the semester there are weekly fitness sessions to help you up your game. 

Plus, as we are a club with a great social side as well, we meet after every training on top of organising regular nights out, nights in, ceilidhs and various other events for members to enjoy throughout the semester. 


If you’re interested in joining Shinty please come along to the Sports Fair and taster session in Fresher’s week to check us out. Or alternatively contact us via the details provided here and through Facebook. Don’t worry if you miss the taster session, just turn up to the Botanics and you’ll be warmly welcomed into the team. 

Come along and give Shinty a shot you’ll make friends from all over and have a smashing time in the process!

An t- Òr is Dubh.


Women's Captain
Men's Captain
Club Treasurer
Club Secretary