GU Judo Club

GU Judo Club

Glasgow University
Judo Club

Welcome to Glasgow University Judo Club! We teach Judo as an Olympic sport – where the aim is to unbalance your opponent and take them to the ground with speed, force and control. We also incorporate some groundwork techniques such as arm locks, chokes and hold-downs.

Judo is great for building strength, stamina and self-confidence. So if you're tired of the gym and want to try something different, or want to make new friends, Judo is the sport for you!

Our Club

Over the past few years, we have grown into a vast and dynamic club – the largest adult Judo club in Scotland. So we have a great mix of players and abilities from all over the world. All of our coaches are experienced black belts, with decades of training and coaching knowledge between them!

We welcome players of various ages, genders, abilities, ethnicities and orientations, and we have a particularly strong female membership. We are also a very sociable club. We go to our sponsor pub – The Old Schoolhouse – after training on Wednesday evenings for a drink and some free food. We also run various social events and dinners throughout the year.


Last updated: September 2022

How to Join

Joining is a simple, three-step process:

  1. Join UofG Sport with a full-access (not off-peak) membership
  2. Contact the Club about what membership type you should select (where applicable)
  3. Use the Club Management Portal to join the Club online