Plank Variations with Calum

Switch up your home workout by trying a new style of plank exercises with Calum.

Bodyweight with Sam

Build your strength, flexibility and balance with this bodyweight workout with Sam. Each exercise includes 'beginner' and 'advanced' variations – do what feels best for you!

Kettlebells with April

April has a short but high-impact workout for you. Work the whole body, using kettlebells or any equivalent weights you have at home.

Backpack Workout (2) with Kerry

Go and get that backpack – Kerry is ready to go again!

Backpack Workout (1) with Kerry

Fill your backpack to the weight that's comfortable for you, and let Kerry help you to raise the heart rate!

Bodyweight Workout with Tracylee

Tracylee has put together a 'no equipment necessary' bodyweight workout. Complete four rounds for a thorough body workout; take a rest between sets and then just press repeat!

Bodyweight Exercises with Sam

Sam delivers some basic bodyweight exercises that can be easily achieved at home. There's plenty of supporting commentary to highlight exactly how and why to do it.

Bodyweight Workout 3

A bodyweight workout with various levels of difficulty offered. Join Tracylee and Kerry as they guide you through the options.

Exercise Ball Workout

Do you have a large exercise ball? Kerry blew hers up specially to deliver this workout! Look out for the different difficulty options given throughout the video, and pick the ones that are most comfortable for you.

Leg/Glute Dumbbell Workout

A short weighted exercise routine focusing on your lower half. If you don't have dumbbells you can complete the workout without them or, if you'd like some added weight, why not use a couple of bottles of Irn Bru? :)

Bodyweight Workout for small spaces

Tracylee has put a workout together for you that helps to develop spacial awareness and body control. This bodyweight workout will help to keep joints healthy and can be completed once or repeated multiple times, as much as you enjoy!

Dumbbell Workout

Do you have any weights at home? Tracylee has put together a dumbbell workout for you. If you don't have weights you can do it without anything, or even consider using canned food!

Animal Flow

A fun, challenging workout with Kerry. Whether you are new to Animal Flow or not, Kerry's workout aims to improve your strength and flexibility. Enjoy!

Bodyweight Workout 1

A home workout, needing no equipment, suitable for all levels from beginner to experienced. Choose your level, let Calum and Kerry guide you through – and enjoy!

Bodyweight Workout 2

Full body workout with Kerry and Calum. No equipment necessary and options for all abilities – follow Calum for the more advanced option, and Kerry has you covered for something slightly lower impact.

Full-body home workout

Join Calum for a cardio/core workout. Can be enjoyed indoors or out!

Backpack Workout 1

A viewer asked us for a workout with an emphasis on weights. Sam has prepared this workout, which requires a backpack and an assortment of household products to add weight. This workout focusses on the lower body – please only add as much as you can comfortably hold, take care and enjoy!

Backpack Workout 2

Sam has an upper-body workout for you. Get a backpack filled with a weight that is comfortable and let these exercises help improve your posture and raise your heart rate.

Backpack Workout 3

Pick up your backpack, put some household goods in it to get it a challenging (but comfortable) weight and join Sam for his latest backpack workout.

Yoga with Julie & Tracylee

Yoga can help with flexibility, stress reliefmand general health and physical fitness. Join the team as they lead you through an easy routine that can be completed at home.

Flow Yoga

Join Tracylee and Julie in a multilevel Flow yoga workout. Follow Julie for some advanced moves, and Tracylee has the basics covered. Go with whatever is most comfortable for you during your workout.

Warm Up

Please ensure that you thoroughly warm up before starting any exercise. Follow Kerry and Calum as they show you how.

Cool Down

A cool down is vital. April guides you through this one – and it really is called for after a UofG Sport workout!

Static Stretches

All workouts need a good set of stretches to use as a cool-down. Tracylee and Julie guide you through some static stretches, including variations with and without bands. These exercises are ideal to support flexibility, range of motion and tension release.