Back Release Flow with Julie

Join Julie for a gentle flow combination of reclined twists with outer hip-openers, to assist with releasing tension in your back.

Legs up the wall with Julie

Take a few minutes to relax with the 'legs up the wall' pose. Let Julie guide you through this simple technique for easing muscular pain in your legs and feet, relieving headaches and helping calm the mind.

Neck Stretches with Julie

Spending too much time hunched over your computer? Take five minutes to relieve the tension in your neck and shoulders.

Alternate Nostril Breathing with Julie

Ever tried this? Great technique for lowering your heart rate and feeling the benefits of simply slowing down.

Maintain a robust immune system

Resident nutritionist Simone talks us through how to build a robust immune system. Follow her simple tips, adopt them into your diet and this will help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Simone talks blood sugar

Simone isn't against pasta, crisps and biscuits, but she recommends them in moderation and with an awareness of blood sugar levels! Let her talk you through it, giving you advice on how to create an optimum diet whilst we're staying at home.

Snacking with Simone

Simone talks us through a few ideas of how to improve our diet during this more sedentary time. With suggestions for healthy snacks and suggested food groups, let her give you some of her top tips.

Guided Meditation 1

Join Kim, our resident Mindfulness coach, as she asks you to sit or lie quietly. Simply focus on your natural breathing and she will talk you through a five-minute guided meditation to help you bring some positive change into your day.

Guided Meditation 2

Join Kim as she leads you through a bespoke five-minute meditation, with the aim of helping regulate emotions and encourage some self-compassion during this difficult and unprecedented time.

PMR Guided Meditation

Are you familiar with PMR? Join Tracylee for ten minutes of Progressive Muscle Relaxation, a technique based upon the simple practice of tensing and tightening muscles. Tracylee will guide you through this relaxing process for helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

Garden Yoga

Julie has put together a yoga routine that helps with relaxation, improves flexibility, and gives you a break from the daily grind.

Sun Salutations

Sun Salutations are a series of postures that warm, strengthen and align the entire body. Join Calum for this short sequence, a great way to start off your day on the right foot!

Flow with Tracylee

Tracylee has put together a short routine to follow, to help offer you some consistency in your practice – basic yoga moves that can be repeated throughout the week to enjoy flexibility and relaxation.

Yoga with Julie & Tracylee

Yoga can help with flexibility, stress reliefmand general health and physical fitness. Join the team as they lead you through an easy routine that can be completed at home.

Flow Yoga

Join Tracylee and Julie in a multilevel Flow yoga workout. Follow Julie for some advanced moves, and Tracylee has the basics covered. Go with whatever is most comfortable for you during your workout.