Skipping Workout with Julie

Join Julie as she demonstrates some moves for incorporating skipping exercises into your bodyweight workout. (And you don't even need a skipping rope!)

Bodyweight Workout with Kerry

Join Kerry for this outdoor bodyweight workout, comprised of five different exercises. Aim for 2-3 sets, doing each of the exercises for 45-60 seconds to complete each set.

Mini Circuit with Kerry

Join Kerry for this mini circuit workout and get your pulse racing! Aim for 2-3 sets, doing each of the four exercises for 30-60 seconds to complete each set.

Burpee Variations with Calum

Switch up your home workout by trying a new style of burpee exercises with Calum.

Boxfit Blast with Kerry

Join Kerry for this shadow boxing routine. A cardio workout that can be enjoyed inside or out, it provides a little push to get the heart rate up.

Wee Wall Workout

Do you have access to a small garden wall, or even just a step? Kerry has put together a cardio routine for you, with different options of difficulty throughout.

Sun Salutations

Sun Salutations are a series of postures that warm, strengthen and align the entire body. Join Calum for this short sequence, a great way to start off your day on the right foot!

Flow with Tracylee

Tracylee has put together a short routine to follow, to help offer you some consistency in your practice – basic yoga moves that can be repeated throughout the week to enjoy flexibility and relaxation.

Cardio Combo

Join Julie for your very own Boxercise class. A cardio workout with a combat feel, one to get your heart pumping. Enjoy!

Boxing Workout

Join Jeff in a four-round boxing workout. High intensity with a focus on cardio, this workout will help you reduce stress and increase hand-eye coordination. Can be completed indoor or out!

Hi/Lo Aerobics

Ready for some old-school aerobics? Make some space around you and let Julie's routine be a great movement break in your day!

Staircase Workout

Join Kerry, find your nearest staircase and increase the intensity of your workout. Running up and down stairs in an excellent way to challenge your major muscle groups – keep safe and steady, and enjoy!

Glide at home

Put on your warm fluffy socks, get onto a shiny floor and let Kerry glide you through this stretching workout.

For the more mature amongst us

UofG Sport offers something for everyone and Kerry has put a workout together for our more 'mature' audience. Please follow her bespoke warm-up before breaking out into the final routine.

Yoga with Julie & Tracylee

Yoga can help with flexibility, stress reliefmand general health and physical fitness. Join the team as they lead you through an easy routine that can be completed at home.

Flow Yoga

Join Tracylee and Julie in a multilevel Flow yoga workout. Follow Julie for some advanced moves, and Tracylee has the basics covered. Go with whatever is most comfortable for you during your workout.

Warm Up

Please ensure that you thoroughly warm up before starting any exercise. Follow Kerry and Calum as they show you how.

Cool Down

A cool down is vital. April guides you through this one – and it really is called for after a UofG Sport workout!