The Executive positions

  • Executive President
  • Vice-President
  • Honorary Secretary

Council positions:

  • Finance Convenor
  • Club Sport Convenor
  • Events Convenor
  • Health & Fitness Convenor
  • Publicity Convenor
  • Travel Convenor
  • Welfare Convenor
  • Fundraising & Outreach Convenor
  • Alumni Convenor

There are also several senior members who sit on the council who are not students. Their role is to provide a voice for GUSA at a senior university level and to provide advice and support for the students on council.



Honorary President

Professor Frank Coton

Honorary Treasurer

Mr Philip Morrice

Honorary Vice President

Mr Dave Denton

Honorary Vice President

Mr Derek Casey

Court Representative

Dr Des Gilmore

Senate Representative

Professor Peter Jackson

Job profiles

The Executive positions

  • Executive President
  • Vice-President
  • Honorary Secretary

Council positions:

  • Finance Convenor
  • Club Sport Convenor
  • Events Convenor
  • Health & Fitness Convenor
  • Publicity Convenor
  • Travel Convenor
  • Welfare Convenor
  • Fundraising & Outreach Convenor
  • Alumni Convenor

Job profiles

GUSA Council Members provide a vital role in the drive towards improving and strengthening sport within the University of Glasgow and sport in Scotland.

All members must:

  • Commit to attending Council meetings (1 per month)
  • Comply with the GUSA Constitution and Equality and Diversity policies of the University of Glasgow
  • Work together with staff to identify and agree annual objectives
  • Carry out work generated by the Council position they hold
  • Keep in regular communication with the GUSA President and other relevant parties as appropriate
  • Support the use of the GUSA brand in all official correspondence and promote GUSA wherever possible
  • As a representative of GUSA, and University of Glasgow Sport act in a manner befitting this role at all times



  • Full-time sabbatical position – 35 hours per week
  • Oversees the general day-to-day running of the Association
  • Ensures a strong representation of student sport at Glasgow
  • Actively involved in the planning, development and delivery of our sports programme
  • Represents GUSA within the Sport Leadership Team
  • Represents the University to the wider sporting community across Scotland and the UK
  • Creates an operational plan to stay in line with GUSA’s Strategic Plan

Vice President

  • Represents the Association in the absence of the President
  • Oversees the organisation and delivery of the Annual Awards Dinner
  • Provides support and assistance to council members
  • Sits on the Blues Committee
  • Monitors Equality and Diversity training for the GUSA Council

Honorary Secretary

  • Gives notice of all council meetings, and ensures minutes are recorded and distributed accordingly
  • Gives notice to the membership of all General Meetings and Elections
  • Oversees the administration of the Association’s annual elections
  • Oversees the administration of the Blues and Colours Committee and ratifying of individual awards

Alumni Convenor

  • Assists with developing and maintaining of the Sport Alumni Network
  • Acts as point of contact for all alumni-related events, including club organised events and UofG Sport events
  • Organises GUSA’s annual council alumni 1881 Dinner

Club Sport Convenor

  • Liaises with the Club Sport Manager in the delivery of club sport across all 50 affiliated clubs
  • Supports with the planning and delivery of club sport events, including Club Committee Seminars
  • Organises and runs the Sports Fayre in Freshers’ Week
  • Helps to collate and publicise results and match reports on appropriate channels

Finance Convenor

  • Oversees the distribution of the Association’s annual grant to all affiliated clubs
  • Works closely with the Finance Administrator, Finance Committee and Club Treasurers
  • Administers the Chancellors Fund, including the application process and allocation meetings

Fundraising and Outreach Convenor

  • Oversees the organisation of all fundraising events during the year
  • Ensures the Association promotes a chosen charity on an annual basis
  • Holds at least one fundraising event in aid of the chosen charity per academic semester as well as one in aid of GUSA during their term
  • Seeks out opportunities in the wider community that benefit the association, its members and the community

Health & Fitness Convenor

  • Liaises with the Active Lifestyles Team, providing student representation in the planning and delivery of the H&F Programme, including exercise classes and campaigns
  • Delivery of two physical activity challenges (1 per semester) aiming at involving a variety of students
  • Provides support in the planning and delivery of health & fitness associated events and contributes to the Healthy Body Healthy Mind Award
  • Liaises with UofG Sport & GUSA Clubs in the organisation of Strength & Conditioning training.

Publicity Convenor

  • Responsible for publicising all GUSA events
  • Collates and submits publicity articles to university and external publications & organisations
  • Works closely with Marketing & Business Manager in raising the profile of Sport at the University
  • Supports club's in raising profiles of fixtures, achievements and opportunities
  • Attend fixtures when possible and take photos/videos

Events Convenor 

  • Leads on the organisation of one-off sporting events
  • Delivers a minimum of 2 events per semester
  • Provides student representation in the planning and development of recreational opportunities
  • Liaises with Sport in the delivery of events including Superteams and Monster Dash
  • Works with Publicity Convenor and other partners on campus to encourage wider participation from student body
  • Manages GUSA team events

Travel Convenor

  • Works closely with the Travel Administrator in the allocation and maintenance of the GUSA minibus fleet
  • Responsible for the up keeping of all log information, liaising with University security staff
  • Responsible for ensuring the vehicles are cleaned monthly by GUSA clubs
  • Responsible for delivering transport to and from all sports taster sessions during freshers' week which require it
  • Responsible for ensuring the highest driving standards are being kept by all GUSA drivers

Welfare Convenor

  • Provides support in the planning and delivery of welfare associated events and initiatives such as Exam De-stress
  • Responsible for the administration and accreditation of the Healthy Body Healthy Mind award programme
  • Raises the awareness of the benefits of leading an active and healthy lifestyle to the University community

GUSA Working Groups

These groups will provide support to specific areas of the Association’s business, led by the specific convenor; they will allow the Association to greatly increase student representation across campus.

The focus of each working group will be chosen by the GUSA Council following the annual elections and volunteers will be recruited onto the working groups from the wider GUSA membership using a transparent application and interview process.

GUSA Council