Induction & Transitions Team

We create, develop and coordinate provision to help enable students to transition effectively into, through and out of their degree programmes.

Based in Student Learning Development (SLD) and funded via the Student Experience Strategy, the team collaborates with colleagues across the University to enhance induction and transitions on an institution-wide basis.

The team consists of:

  • Dr Stuart Purcell (Induction and Transitions Manager)
  • Dr Clare Brown (Induction and Transitions Adviser)
  • Lucy McCormick (Induction and Transitions Adviser)

Current key projects

We are also keen to work on additional induction and transitions projects in collaboration with colleagues across the institution.

If you have a project in mind or you would like to hear more about the Induction & Transitions team and what we do, please contact the team manager, Dr Stuart Purcell.

Dr Stuart Purcell

Induction & Transitions Manager

Stuart has extensive experience in learning development and academic literacies within the UK Higher Education sector, having taught widely in these areas at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He has worked in various roles across the University of Glasgow and in his current role focuses on key points of student transition into, through, and out of Higher Education, developing programmes and resources to help students make these transitions successfully. While he now concentrates on the aforementioned areas in his research, Stuart’s research background is primarily in literature and media studies, the latter of which continues to inform a great deal of his work.

Induction & Transitions Team Members

Dr Clare Brown

Induction & Transitions Adviser

Clare has substantial experience as a learning developer in Scottish Higher Education, with a particular interest in working with students entering university from ‘non-traditional’ backgrounds and entry routes. In previous lives, she worked in the third sector as an adviser on money and housing issues, and conducted research on colonialism and missionary visual culture; both are surprisingly relevant to her current role.

Lucy McCormick

Induction & Transitions Adviser

Lucy has worked extensively with diverse student groups transitioning into, through and out of UK Higher Education. Her career encompasses ESL teaching in the UK and overseas as well as teaching, student engagement and learning development roles across Further and Higher Education. Lucy’s academic background is in French and Religious Studies, with postgraduate research focused on the influence of Buddhist traditions in the French interwar avant-garde.