Writing Advice for International UG and PGT Students

Undergraduate and postgraduate taught international students from all colleges can make an appointment or attend one of our classes to talk about anything related to their academic development, skills, and writing.  

We can advise on understanding and developing in the academic context at the University of Glasgow, for example understanding assignment criteria and core concepts like ‘criticality’. We also offer advice and resources on academic skills such as effective reading, presentations, intercultural group work, and academic writing.  

We can advise you on current unmarked work, including helping you in how you: 

  • plan your assignment 
  • research and use your sources 
  • develop your argument 
  • write and edit your work 
  • maintain academic integrity and avoid plagiarism 

We can advise you within the context of your subject, but we're unable to advise on specific content. Similarly, we will encourage your ability to edit and assess your work and, therefore, cannot offer proof reading. 

We can also advise you on past assignments, and their feedback, to help you to use that feedback to improve your writing. 

Our service is for undergraduate students and postgraduate taught students. Postgraduate research students should contact researcher-development@glasgow.ac.uk instead.


Pre-recorded classes and online materials

International Students' Starter Pack


The International Students' Starter Pack is a shared resource for students and staff. Each section contains a themed video of students speaking about their experiences of undertaking a postgraduate taught degree at the University of Glasgow and relevant resources for staff and students on that topic. The core topics covered by the resource are:

  • Expectations & Experiences
  • Time Management
  • Assessments @UofG
  • Writing a Dissertation
  • Advice for New Students

Academic Citizenship (for International Students)

This particular course will be led by the team of Effective Learning Advisers for International Students.

> Moodle page for this series (includes slides and any recordings) - https://moodle.gla.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=27830

Title Description
Transitioning to Academic Study @UofG How to successfully transition to new academic institutions by better understanding expectations and some strategies for effectively managing change.
Becoming an Academic Reader Strategies for effective academic reading to enhance learning, including how to select reading, manage reading time and read evaluatively.
Ownership of Knoweldge and Avoiding Plagiarism Explains the definitions of plagiarism at the University of Glasgow and how to avoid plagiarism in academic work.
Understanding and Preparing for Assignments How to effectively understand and fulfill assigment requirements
Introduction to Being Critical What does it mean to be critical and analytical in academic work and how to achieve this.
Academic Discourse Explains academic discourse and discusses how to identify the ways your academic community communicates.


Academic Community Workshops (for International Students)

This particular course will be led by the team of Effective Learning Advisers for International Students.

> Moodle page for this series (includes slides and any recordings) - https://moodle.gla.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=27830

Title Description
Planning to get the most from your studies Developing skills to effectively plan your time to complete assignments and study effectively wihile maintaining work-life balance.
Becoming a Critical Reader Developing skills to analytically read and evaluate academic texts.
Reading for Structure Developing skills to identify the structure of academic texts to better understand them and enhance your writing.
Reading for Language How we can use our academic reading to develop and strengthen our academic writing, style and tone.
Creating Context in Essay Writing How to effectively contextualise and frame your academic work to strengthen its coherence and argumentation.
Demonstrating Authority in Writing Explores why and how to demonstrate your authority and credibility in your work to produce convincing assignments.


Dr Amber Hinde

Amber recently completed a PhD in English Language & Linguistics, with a focus on rhetoric and genre. She has previously supported international students in roles with the International Summer School, International Student Support, and English for Academic Study.  

Prior to working with SLD, Amber was a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the School of Critical Studies. She now coordinates the ‘Power of Language’ module on T2G, the transition course for incoming undergraduate students at the University of Glasgow.  

Dr Mona O'Brien

Mona works with international students from all subject areas in classes, workshops, and individually, supporting their development of effective learning, reading, research and writing practices. Additionally, she works to create and expand SLD's online resources.

Before joining SLD, Mona was a postdoctoral researcher at the Herzog August Bibliothek, Wolfenbüttel (2021) and a Graduate Teaching Assistant in History, Information Studies, Comparative Literature and German Culture at the University of Glasgow (2018-2021). She has a PhD in History from the University of Glasgow (2019).

Teaching requests

To find out what teaching she can offer on your course, email or call Mona.