What is Supervisor Development at UofG?

Our programmes and initiatives for supervisors at UofG are designed to enrich your skills and working relationships, foster your talents, and accelerate your professional prospects. All of our Researcher Development work is underpinned by six priority themes:

  • Career Direction
  • Connection and Belonging
  • Researcher Integrity
  • Engaged Communication
  • Constructive Conversations
  • Innovative Ideas

These themes are strongly influenced by key strategic messages from the university, by the requirements of the Research Funders, and the UK’s Good Supervisory Practice Framework. This Framework, owned and managed by the UK Council for Graduate Education, has been built in consultation with supervisors across the sector. All supervisor development programmes and initiatives at UofG are mapped to the Good Supervisory Practice Framework.


Your Development as a Supervisor

Supervisor development encompasses a broad spectrum of activities and events which are designed to enrich your skills and working relationships. Every researcher is unique, and so every supervisory partnership is unique, and you should take part in the development activities that are right for you.

The Researcher Development team have designed activities specifically for busy supervisors, who don’t always have time to wait for a course to come around. Browse the workshop list and read about our design choices here.

We believe that research thrives when researchers feel that they are part of a stimulating, fair, and inclusive environment in which colleagues help each other to succeed, and much of our supervisor development approach stems from a peer and community support model, managed through our Supervisor Community of Practice.


Guidance for Supervisors