What Shapes our Programmes and Initiatives?

We offer a wide and comprehensive range of opportunities and experiences under six priority themes - all aligned with the national Researcher Development Framework, the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers, and several University of Glasgow guiding documents:

  • Our Research Strategy, which sets out our priorities under the headings of Collaboration, Creativity and Careers
  • Our Research Culture Statement which helps us to focus on the five factors contributing to a positive culture and a stimulating, fair, and inclusive environment. These are: Collegiality, Career Development, Research Recognition, Open Research and Research Integrity.
  • Our People and Organisational Development Strategy which asks us to live our values, to maximise our capabilities, and to focus on a positive and enriching employee experience.

The Researcher Development Team’s approach combines the ideas above to create a suite of different delivery methods, platforms, and people, but underpinning them all is our team’s ambition that every researcher should be enabled to be at their best, and to make informed and active choices about their career ahead.

Our six priority themes for Researcher Development

To see what these look like in practice, browse our programmes for PGRs, our programmes for Research Staff, and our programmes for Supervisors.