Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 I got an email about an award that finished several years ago. Do I need to do anything?

UKRI require a return for awards until 5 years after the end date. If your award fits this description please register for Researchfish when requested. If there are outputs to return please note this. If there is nothing to report you can do a nil return but should still hit the submit button. If your award ended more than 5 years ago there is no requirement to do anything but you can still report outcomes if you wish and UKRI may offer you the opportunity to check that the data they already hold is correct.

Q2 My award is not finished yet. Do I need to do anything?

Yes if you have been contacted to make a return please log-in to the system and record any outcomes that have already resulted from the project. (Or delegate the library account if you want them to add publications that are already on Enlighten to the system for you). If there is nothing to report you should still log-in to the system and record a nil return and then submit this nil return for the annual deadline. You will receive email reminders to do this.

Q3 I have a UKRI award. Why didn’t I get an email about it? 

UKRI have assembled a list of awards that they want reports for. This broadly includes ‘research grants’ that have had activity since 01/04/2006. It is not a comprehensive list of all research grants and also includes some other types of grants.

If you do not receive an email from Researchfish you are not expected to make a return.

Q4 I need help using the Researchfish system.

If you have any problems logging in please use the online help within Researchfish or contact the Researchfish HelpDesk (

This email address can be used for any system queries and there are also help videos and an online chat facility within the system.

Q5 I registered but can't see any grants.

Did you use the link in the email from If not contact

If so you should be able to see the relevant grants. Contact for advice.

Q6 Why can't my data be bulk uploaded from University systems such as Enlighten rather than waste time re-keying them?

This functionality is now available with the Researchfish System. All articles that are linked to awards that are in Researchfish and have a valid PubMed ID or Digital Object Identifier in the University publications system Enlighten will be bulk uploaded to Researchfish before the submission period opens in 2018. So it may be that some items are bulk uploaded for you. If your papers are on Enlighten but are not linked to the relevant awards, please let us know in good time and we can fix that before the bulk upload. If your papers are not on Enlighten nor on Researchfish, you can easily add them on Researchfish by DOI or PubMed ID. Also please let us know so we can add them to Enlighten for future reporting.

We are working with funders on the possiblity of bulk uploading other outcome types in the future.

Q7 Is there anything important I need to do now?

If appropriate it would be useful if you can check that your email address is up to date in the Joint Electronic Submission System (JeS) as that is what UKRI will use as the email address for calls for action.

Q8 Why can't I submit?

Check if there are warnings about missing mandatory data on the home screen. If not, you need to check through each outcome type for missing mandatory data. Click the pencil icon next to each entry to add data. The edit screen will show which fields are mandatory for each outcome type.

Q9 Can anyone help me upload information?

Yes you can delegate administrators and colleagues to add information.

You must log-in yourself to check what has been entered is complete and press the submit button by the deadline.

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