Research Funders: Open Access Policies

An increasing number of funding bodies now have policies in place that require grant holders to make any resulting publications available in an open access manner. These policies are a condition of grant and it is important that all Glasgow authors know how to comply.

It is important that you are fully informed about this before submitting manuscripts to any publishers.

The Research Councils UK have a Policy on Open Access and guidance for individual RCUK funders is provided below:

Guidance for other research funders' open access policies is available from the SHERPA/Juliet service including:

Different funders have different requirements. In most cases you will be required to make your publications available in an open access repository, either the University’s institutional repository, Enlighten, or a subject-based repository such as Europe PubMed Central. How you comply with funder OA requirements will largely depend on the policy of the publisher of the journal you are intending to publish in.

A number of funders prefer authors to comply with open access requirements by submitting articles to journals that offer a paid open access option. Where this is the case you will need to arrange this in advance of your work being published. You should note that in many cases where publishers offer an open access paid option, choosing this may be the only possible way of complying with funder mandates.

Staff from Glasgow University’s institutional repository, Enlighten, can help you find out what you need to do in practical terms to comply with the open access policy of your funding body. For advice on the options available for paying publisher OA charges and the open access requirements of funding bodies please contact: