Deposit guide

Deposit your publication

Log in with your GUID by clicking on ‘Log-in’ under ‘My Enlighten’ on the Enlighten home page.

Click on Manage Deposits.

Click on New item or choose to import publication details e.g. from a DOI or from PubMed.

After choosing New item select the relevant item type and click Next.

Full Text to Upload

If you have full text to upload, do this now by clicking on ‘Browse’. Select the file from wherever you have stored it on your computer and click open. Now click on the ‘Upload’ button.

If you need to add any additional files, repeat the procedure.

Click on Next (either at the top or bottom of the screen).

On the next screen click Next again.


Enter all the details you have about your publication on the next screen. Fields marked with a star are mandatory and you must complete them. Leave any fields blank that are not relevant to you.

If you wish to include any special characters in either the title or the abstract field you will need to use the equivalent html character in place of the special character - see for a list.

If you need advice on how to complete any of the fields please contact

Once you have added as much information as you know about the publication click on Next.


On the next screen you may select the subject headings that best describe the publication. If you are not sure what to select simply click Next and repository staff will add these for you.

Click Next.


If your publication is associated with a grant please add the details from the drop-down lists available. Please don't add free text to this section.

Deposit the item or Save for later

If you are ready to deposit click on Next. If you want to return to the item later click on Next.

Once you have deposited your item you will not be able to access it and make changes, so please contact repository staff ( if you need changes to be made. Repository staff will check the record and add any missing details before it is made public. Additional information will also be added.

If you have saved your item for later you will be able to return to it by logging into Enlighten and clicking on the ‘Edit item’ icon.

Managing your deposits

When you are logged in you can click on the ‘Manage deposits’ link on the left hand menu to see a list of the items you are currently working on. Once you have deposited an item it will disappear from your list.

Once you have finished click ‘Log out’ to exit.