Please feel free to contact for advice on specific cases.

Q1. My paper has been accepted but the camera ready version is not due to be submitted for another 3 months.  How can I comply with the requirement to deposit within 3 months of acceptance?

A1. Inform who will record this information on Enlighten.   We can use the date of submission of the camera ready version as the formal acceptance date.  Submit a copy of the manuscript to at the same time as submitting the camera ready paper to the publisher or conference.

Q2.  My paper has been deposited in another repository: must I also send it to the University repository?

A2.  You must notify that the paper has been accepted.  If the publisher allows you to post the final agreed text* to a subject repository you can send us the link to that version on the third party repository.  We cannot simply accept links to such repositories without confirmation from the author that the correct version is available for download there.  Many repositories allow early versions but not final agreed or peer-reviewed versions to be posted.  We want to ensure that the correct version is obtained for the University of Glasgow repository in order to satisfy REF Open Access requirements.

 *The agreed text after discussion with the publisher, but before publisher mark-up and logos are added.

Sherpa Romeo can give you a guide as to what the publisher allows or check the journal policy:

We are happy to check any individual journals for you if the policy is not clear.

The University policy is to notify if you have a paper accepted and we will help with compliance with REF and funder Open Access requirements, PDR, and publicity.

Q3.  If I leave the University of Glasgow do my records remain on the repository?

A3. Yes we retain a history of outputs produced at the University.

Q4. I produced research outputs before I came to the University of Glasgow.  How can I be sure that these are considered in REF and other exercises?

A4.  We do not yet know the final criteria for inclusion of research outputs in the next REF.  We recommend you add any papers, books and reports to Enlighten and then they will be considered for REF if they fit the criteria, can be publicised on your staff profile and other sites that use Enlighten, and be included in your annual review. Email

Q5.  Do informal conference materials require to be Open Access for REF?

A5. No.  REF Open Access policy refers only to formal conference proceedings with an International Standard Serial Number accepted for publication after 1 April 2016. Any conference paper that fits both the accepted date, and ISSN aspects of this definition are within scope of the policy.

Unpublished presentations are best represented in Conference or Workshop item type. These are not subject to REF Open Access requirements and are not picked up on the internal compliance reports. We do however encourage that they be made Open Access. Authors can provide documents to accompany the Enlighten record and this may assist with the environmental component of REF.

Q6 Do we need to make non-peer reviewed items open access to submit them to REF?

A6. Any published article or conference proceeding should address the REF open access requirements regardless of whether it is peer-reviewed, invited, commissioned, or commentary or not.   Those that constitute original research as defined by REF are potentially eligible for REF.  More information on this can be found in the Guidance on Submissions document in Annex C and in Part 3, Section 2.

It is University of Glasgow approach to assess all articles and conference proceedings against the REF Open Access criteria.  This is simple to adhere to and also fulfils the Code of Good Practice in Research regardless of whether the publication will be submitted to REF.

Q7 My publisher does not allow deposit of the author accepted manuscript in a repository but does allow the published version to be deposited.  Is this acceptable under REF Open Access policy?

A7 If the publisher allows the deposit of the published version within the repository within 3 months of publication date (until March 2018*) and release of that version within 12 months for Science, Technology and Medicine, or 24 months for Arts and Social Science panels this is acceptable for REF Open Access compliance. 

*It is expected that deposit will be required within 3 months of acceptance date from 1st April 2018 therefore this route would only be compliant if the article was published within 3 months of acceptance and the published version deposited in the repository within 3 months of the acceptance date.

Q8 How do I ensure my publication has the right affiliation?

A8 Read the section "Publishing Research"