European Funding

Please email when you have a paper accepted for publication and we will advise on a case-by-case basis.



EU Open Access Guidelines

  1. An electronic copy of a peer-reviewed research publication supported in whole, or in part, by EU funding should be deposited in a suitable repository immediately upon publication.

  2. Open access should be provided as soon as possible and in any case no later than 6 months after the official publication date (Up to 12 months delay for social sciences and humanities is acceptable).

  3.  It is recommended that researchers make their publications available in the institutional repository Enlighten The EU strongly encourage the use of discipline specific and centralised repositories.

  4. OA fees are eligible costs that can be charged against EU grants, before the end of the grant.

  5. Information on EU funding must be included as part of bibliographic metadata:

    “ This work was supported by (insert action), (insert acronym), [insert grant number]”.  It is requested you also include publication date, embargo period and a persistent identifier. For Horizon2020 (H2020) projects: Include the digital object identifier for ‘Horizon 2020’ in the funding acknowledgement field. 

  6. Aim to deposit the research data required to validate the results 'at the same time of publication' deposit, ideally in a data repository. For H2020 projects: If taking part in the Open Research Data (ORD) pilot please see our dedicated RDM pages for more information:

Horizon 2020

European Research Council

OA requirements may differ depending on the Grant or Work programme the research data is generated from:

Frontier Research Grants - these include Starting Grant/ Consolidator Grant/ Advanced Grant/ Synergy Grant

Prior to 2014: No formal obligations related to OA, with notable exception of : 2012-2013 (FP7) Special Clause 39 ERC on Open access and the FP7 Post-Grant OA Pilot from Apr 2015 to Feb 2018

From 2014 onwards (Horizon 2020): Mandatory EU OA guidelines.


Proof-of-Concept Grants and Coordination and Support Action Grants

Prior to 2014: No formal obligations.

From 2014 onwards (Horizon 2020): Mandatory EU OA guidelines.


It should be noted that ERC encourage adherence to OA guidelines on a voluntary basis even when there are no formal requirements.

An up to date version of ERC OA guidelines can be found on the ERC website: or via the OA working group webpage