Open Access to research publications

This guide explains how to get help to make your publications open access. Our service is available to everyone affiliated with the University of Glasgow, whether researchers, teaching staff, students or administrators. For any enquiry relating to open access, you can contact us at

What is open access?

Open access to publications means making the full text freely available on the web. Making your publications open access facilitates discovery and sharing of your work. We recommend that you consider open access options for journal articles and conference proceedings in advance of submission.

If you would like more information on open access at the University of Glasgow, you can watch our introductory video (12 mins).

What policies govern open access? 

The University’s Code of Good Practice in Research says: “all staff who are designated as the lead University of Glasgow author for journal articles or conference proceedings [are required] to notify the library of accepted publications. This notification should take place as soon as the article has been accepted for publication.”

Please email us at as soon as you have a journal article or conference paper accepted for publication.

Research Excellence Framework open access requirements require journal articles and conference proceedings to be open access within 12 months for Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine topics, and 24 months for Arts, Humanities and Social Science topics.  They must have been deposited into an institutional or subject repository within 3 months of acceptance.

Some funders require articles and conference proceedings to be open access in a shorter timeframe. The University holds funds for UKRI and some medical charities to cover open access costs. These funds will only be used where it is necessary to pay for open access to comply with funder requirements.

Information Services staff will then:

  • add the publication to Enlighten, the University’s publications repository, which will help make your work more visible.
  • check that open access requirements have been met for funders and for submission to the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021 where applicable and advise you of any action you need to take.
  • arrange for open access publication costs for UKRI and some medical charities to be covered, where required, and in line with the University’s agreed approach

Open access monographs

Whilst there are currently few open access requirements for books and other research outputs it is good practice to make publications open access where possible.  Please contact us at if you would like us to ask the publisher if open access is possible.  An exception to this is Wellcome Trust who require books and book chapters acknowledging their funding to be fully open access.

Open access training

We offer a short training session on open access, and can organise tailored versions of our training for any staff or student group on request. Please email if you are interested in arranging a training session.

An video version of our training presentation is available: at

The slides and a transcription are available in EdShare:


Need to speak to someone?  Contact our team:



Authors are usually expected to sign and return a copyright agreement to the publisher.  The licence type to select to comply with funder terms if given a choice is usually CC-BY.  Other licence types such as CC-BY-NC or other extensions are often unacceptable to funders.

If asked to provide a copyright line as it should appear on the article the format is:

Copyright symbol, year, author name, standard copyright statement

For example:

© 2013  Initial. Surname. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

If there is more than 1 author add et. al. after the surname.

Need advice on copyright?  Contact:


Enlighten team Ext. 3852,