Q1 - How do I get access to the Change Request system?
A - If you are a CMIS user Change Requests are located in MyGlasgow > Timetables and Room Bookings. If the Change Requests section is not visible in Timetables and Room Bookings please raise a call in the UofG Helpdesk to timetabling.

If you still require training in and access to CMIS, details are available on the CMIS Access page.


Q2 - When do I need to submit a Change Request?
A - When you need to change a TEACH or TEACHBREAK event roomed in a CTT or another School's Local space. Or when a new TEACH or TEACHBREAK event needs to be roomed into a CTT room or another School's Local Space.


Q3 - What TEACH or TEACHBREAK events can I submit a Change Request for?
A - Any event owned by your School on CMIS.


Q4 - What happens when my SMTT Change Request is submitted?
A - The change request will be sent to your Lead School timetabler for approval before they are sent to SMTT.


Q5 - How long will my Change Request take?
A - SMTT aim to process Change Requests within 48 hours of being submitted, however during busy periods it may take longer. Complex change requests have the potential to impact multiple events and departments so can take a good deal of time to fully complete.


Q6 - Can I check on my SMTT Change Request when it's in progress?
A - Change requests submitted to SMTT remain visible at all times.


Q7 - What should I put as my 'Reason for Change'?
A - Please refer to the Change Request Policy and Reasons page for a list of the available reasons and their use.


Q8 - How much detail do I need to include?
A - A short description of the required change is normally all that is needed, but bear in mind that SMTT requests will need enough detail to approve the change and take appropriate action. The 'Use of another area's local space' will alos require agreement from the Local Space Manager which should be added to the Supporting Documents section.

For Example: under change reason 'Equipment/Features change', SMTT will need to know what features and/or equipment are required in order to find a suitable room.


Q9 - Can I make multiple changes with one Change Request?
A - Each change request must refer to a single event only, within that several changes can be requested.

Bear in mind that some extra detail may be needed in the change description to ensure SMTT can correctly make the required changes.

e.g. "Please cancel week 10 of this event and add this course's SM02. As adding this subgroup makes the class too big for its room please relocate."


Q10 - Can I make changes to multiple events on the same subgroup?
A - It is not possible to make changes to multiple events on the same subgroup, each event has to be submitted as an individual request.


Q11 - Why has my Change Request been rejected?
A - When a SMTT change request is rejected you will receive an email with a brief reason for rejection and feedback/advice from SMTT about the Change Request - to see this feedback please scroll down through the rejection email. Rejection information and guidance can also be found by accessing the Change Request system and searching for the event ID.


Q12 - How do I cancel a Change Request?
A - A Change Request just created by the user can be rejected under reason 'Withdrawn By School' by the user or Lead School Timetabler, depending on the status of the request. If a Change Request has already been forwarded to SMTT please add a note to say that the change is no longer needed and SMTT will then reject the request under reason 'Withdrawn by School'.


Q13 - What is the NOTES field and how do I use it?
A - The notes field allows us to communicate in regards to the requested change and record that communication on the change request. You can use the notes field to inform us of any change to your request when it is still active. If SMTT have a question about your request we will add a note and you will receive an email asking you to check the change request and respond to the query by also adding a note.

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