AVIT Video Guide

This section is intended to aid users in requesting the correct type of AVIT equipment for their planned classes or event, it is not an exhaustive manual or technical guide. Any questions or requests for support for these features should be directed to IT Services, who will require at least five working days notice to provide on-site support.

AVIT Video Terms   

USB Conferencing Connectivity

The camera(s) and microphone(s) in the space can be connected to the PC or laptop using a USB connection (both the HDMI and USB cables need to be connected to the device). This allows you to use the PC or laptop for Zoom or Teams calls to enable hybrid and online meetings or teaching.


Echo360 is a cloud-based system for scheduled automatic recordings for lecturers. The video of the speaker, audio, and visual materials (features include automatic transcription, captioning, video quizzing, polling, video editing and analytics) are recorded for later use but can also be used to stream a lecture over the web to another venue with a PC. Please note that this will not permit the speaker to interact with the second venue. For further information please contact the echo360 team.


Zoom comes pre-installed with every learning space PC but not all spaces will have a USB microphone and/or camera (USB Conferencing loan kits can be borrowed from AV Services). This option can be useful when the event's speaker will not be present on campus. When hosting sessions with a speaker who is 'calling in' over Zoom, consider booking a 'test' session or allocating additional time before your event, to ensure the connection can be tested.

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