Change Request Policy and Reasons

The tables below list the Change Request reasons and when to use them.

Un-roomed events period (June onwards)

1. Room no longer required This reason applies if a central room is no longer required due to either an event being cancelled or a change in the space provision for existing events.
2. Central room request For un-roomed events of less than 50 in size under the management of local School Timetablers, if suitable local space is not available and a change of date/time that matches central room availability has been agreed with Teaching Staff, a change request needs to be raised to book the available space at the agreed slot.
3. Use of another area's local space If a local space that meets the requirements of an event is identified through discussions with another area, a change request with this reason needs to include the details of the request and evidence of the agreement with the local space manager. SMTT will allocate the agreed local space to the event.


Additional reasons (July onwards)

4. Accessibility requirement not known at time of rooming

For the AY 2023-24 we have in place College-specific approaches to bring in accessibility requirements earlier in the process. If an accessibility requirement was not identified while CMIS was open for essential changes or if the requirement has changed, a change request with the accessibility reason needs to have a clear description of that requirement.

5. Change in size post enrolment If the capacity of the room allocated to any event, based on the predicted class size, is no longer suitable due to different enrolments numbers a change request with this reason needs to specify the new room capacity required based on the enrolment data.

Escalation and approval required in Supporting Documents section of Change Request Form

Where an essential change is required for a course, and this will impact a number of events (e.g., a new course with both lecture and seminar groups), a single approval from the designated person will be sufficient evidence to support the request. Individual change requests will still need to be submitted for each event with a copy or details of this evidence supplied in each case.

6. New course/event introduced New approved courses that have not been built in CMIS by School Timetablers before the 28th April and therefore not included in the room allocations should be built in CMIS (structure and events). The timings of events should be based on known availability within the timetable and Change Requests submitted to room these events.
7. Essential Time/Day change Escalation is required for requests to change the event time/day in line with the essential change approach. Please indicate the reason for the change and the new proposed time/day. Please also use this category for any essential changes to modify the duration of the event.
8. Challenge with the original equipment and features allocated This change request category requires escalation and includes all reasons related to features or equipment not being suitable for the event. This does not include accessibility requirements. Please include a clear description of the features and/or equipment which are required and are not present/adequate in the allocated room.
9. 'Opt-out' of lecture recording (as per policy) Once room allocations have been processed, any event with a lecture (LC) subgroup allocated a room which supports lecture recording, will automatically be tagged to be recorded. The Subject/School needs to opt out of recording if the event is not be recorded, as per the policy.

Additional Change Request Information and Guidance   

Why is a change request needed?

SMTT need to be able to track and respond to all enquiries from Schools across the University. In many cases changes to the timetable affect other Schools. In the past, information has generally been shared on email trails which has led to problems for Schools and SMTT tracking requests and ensuring that they are dealt with efficiently.

One change request for one event

A change request relates to only one event. If you are changing multiple events, you need to raise a change request for each of them.


Please cancel events for any courses or activities which are no longer required as quickly as you can. This will help your teaching colleagues running events which are scheduled but cannot be allocated a room due to the huge demand.