Accessible Moodle courses

Moodle Accessibility Tools

Anthology Ally

Ally assesses course materials’ accessibility in Moodle and provides

  • alternative formats for your files
  • recommendations on how to improve them

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Moodle in-built accessibility tool

The Moodle accessibility tools, developed by the University of Glasgow, allows users to adjust the contrast of the colour scheme, font size, style, spacing and enable 'Read-to-me', a text to speech tool.

The accessibility tools are accessed using the menu at the top left of the Moodle page.

Moodle Accessibility Tools Menu Button

Accessibility tips

General guidance in order to make your Moodle courses accessible to a wide audience.


  • Use the ‘Collapsed’ format to reduce vertical scrolling
  • Ensure your course has a consistent layout of text and non-text elements
  • Use informative headings
  • Use short, concise descriptions
  • Use your Moodle course as a ‘launchpad’ to internal and external resources, don’t display lengthy paragraphs of text and images in it
  • Do not use images in a decorative fashion on a Moodle course front page
  • Enable the completion tracking as this lets students see what resources they’ve previously viewed

Course Accessiblity

  • Ensure your course, links and files can also be navigated by using keystrokes only
  • Don’t use colour or sound to convey information, e.g. warnings in red
  • Avoid moving and flashing text
  • Use headings within your course

Course Content